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About the Author
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STEPHEN SWEIGART earned a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Temple University in 1972 and certification in secondary education from the state of New Jersey. A professional poet, he has authored numerous works, including "Jason" published in 1974, "The Anti-Christ" in 1979, "Prometheus the Firebringer" in 1985, "The Triumph of Death" in 1987 and "The Martyrdom: The Revenge of Art 1992-1994", which includes 'The Curse of Prometheus' in 1994.

Having always been interested in becoming a writer, Mr. Sweigart has been honing his craft since 1959. He first studied psychology at the University of Pennsylvania until he decided to shift his focus to studying English. While working in different businesses for 40 years, he was writing on the side.

Most recently, Mr. Sweigart has authored "The Curse of Jesus of Nazareth" in 2021, "The Creatures of Prometheus" in 2021 and "The Lives of the Virgins" in 2015. Since starting to focus his career on writing, he has written 11 books. He also continues to be active in local politics while writing.

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